Welcome to ETHSecurity!

ETHSecurity facilitates an open and collaborative community to signal and educate others on best practices for Ethereum Security.


We'd like to put information on contributing right up top because this effort cannot persist without your help. All of our resources here are maintained by the community and that includes you. If there is ANYTHING you'd like to add to our resources, please open an issue or submit a PR to our github repository found here. This includes information on your organization if not currently listed, security-related blog posts and articles, and especially any recorded presentations and slides.
Within our set of resources, you will find a list of links to various repositories maintained by those within our community. If any information is out of date or inaccurate in those repositories, please be sure to contact the appropriate maintainers or submit issues directly with them and help keep those up to date. Our effort has the most impact when we're all involved, thank you for your help!

About Us (and that includes you)

Now that we've addressed contribution, we can discuss a little bit about what this website is exactly. ETHSecurity was started earlier this year as a way to organize the community around improving Ethereum security. Use the links up top to read Kevin's introductory article on our organization as well as the interviews conducted with numerous organizations.
Leading up to, and after our first gathering in Berlin, we gathered resources from around the web with the purpose of having a common location to present the variety of information available. We've managed to collect articles, presentations, tools, audits, research, and much more so that we can all benefit from shared knowledge. For all of those who have contributed, we can't thank you enough, and for those just getting on board, come join our community discourse!